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Best 3 hours I have spent on photography. Got me off auto! Easy to understand. Scott is a great teacher. Thoroughly enjoyed the lesson.    Jennifer

May 18

I had a 3 hr private lesson with Scott which was really fun and fantastic. Scott explained and taught me a new approach to getting  the correct exposure when taking a shot. He gave me plenty of food for thought and techniques to practice. I had a basic level of knowledge of the key elements of photography and Scott helped to fill the big gaps. Scott is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and I highly recommend his private lessons.   Yan

Apr 18

The session was excellent as it really opened my eyes to the manual operations process; Scott was clear and precise in his delivery and imparted so much good information in the time; when i have absorbed this i will be back for another type of session; highly recommended.     Alan

Apr 18

Extremely satisfied with the photo workshop. Scott recognised my ability, or lack of, and built the workshop around that. Scott explained the features on my camera that I didn't even know were there. He made the theory section of the workshop easier with explanations in plain english and by way of demonstration. Recommend to anyone that needs that little bit more than a nominal Kodak moment to remember trips etc.     John

Mar 18

Thank you very much for an excellent training session. Elements that I were familiar with are much clearer now, and many questions have been answered. I can really see how the training will have a huge impact on my photography and the quality of my photos. Thanks Scott.     Nickey

Mar 18

I was given this course as a gift from my son who lives in London. Chances are he chose the course becauseof its location in Manly, as I live on the northern beaches. As it turns out I would have traveled across Sydney to attend, it was that good!

Scott is a very experienced photographer and an excellent teacher. The lessons are fast paced and full attention is required to absorb the information being imparted, but the satisfaction of mastering the knowledge and technique is inspiring.

The 8 hours spread over 4 weeks is over before you know it and it was quite sad when it came to an end. However, this is the beginning of years of enjoyment in the wonderful world of photography.

Thanks Scott, it was great!     Geoff

Mar 18

Great instuction from Scott. He showed me many aspects of my camera which I had not fully utilised yet, and opened my eyes to the advantages of full manual operation.   Tony

Mar 18

The workshop leader was very knowledgeable and made sure every attendee was infomred and involved. We were taken to 3 different locations under different lighting conditions that made the workshop challenging and full of interest. Highly recommend.    Meino

Feb 18

Was a spectatualr way to start a Sunday morning. Even though I was runing late our teacher Scott McGale was eager to catch me up on what I had missed and went out of his way for all the participants, in what was an informative and educational morning. Would recommend to anyone to give it a go.   Doug 

Feb 18

Scott knows his stuff and just as importantly knows how to break it down to a level that's understanding to an amateur. I had lots of fun and learned heaps.

Thanks again Scott.        George

Feb 18

I learnt more in 2 hours than I did from reading books and online videos for the past year! Highly recommend.    Kedar

Feb 18

Huge thank you to Scott for his patience and understanding with this "Old Lady" for our Private Session. I learnt so much and he definitely needs a medal when I had my "senior moments" when he had to explain over and over again.

Went to NZ and hopefully my photos will pass but happy to get Scott's feedback. Will definitely be doing more Private Tuition or one of his courses. Thanks.    Sue

Feb 18

Scott has an easy going personallity and has a true knowledge of photography. In this session I learned the basics of photography and how to apply them when taking photos. I now have the courage to set my camera from Auto to Manual mode and take higher quality pictures. The session was very informative, hands on and a lot of fun.    Pekka

Jan 18

I really feel that I should let you know that your perseverance has paid off.  After a bit of practice, I got the hang of it, I can do it and I'm getting better and better at it!

Thanks so much. I have a much better understanding of the camera and I'm very pleased with my results.

Thanks for your patience and clear instructions.     Heather

Jan 18

Scott's knowledge of photography is very impressinve and at the same time, very easy to listnen to and understand. I woudn't hesitate to recommend Scott as a photography teacher. Looking forward to trying some of Scott's other courses. Carl

Dec 17

My recent session with Scott was some of the best travel money I have ever spent. Being Canadian and travelling internationally, my camera is a constant companion, so it was great to learn some new perspectives on shooting. Scott knowledge is second to none and he caters his sessions to the individual.

Did just enough technical stuff to keep it interesting but not overwhelming! Needless to say the rest of my trip produced some great shots!  Mike

Dec 17

SO WORTH IT!    Three hours in beautiful Sydney with Scott from Photo Worksop Australia was such good value.

Granddaughter Mikayla (15) and I learnt so much about our individual cameras.  Taking great photos right beside the Harbour Bridge in that secret spot ...  fabulous!  Really just wets your appetite to do another one.   Trish (Umina Beach)


Nov 17

I had a most enjoyable and informative private lesson with Scott this week. He is very easy going and his knowledge of photography is exceptional. The information was well presented and very easy to understand. There was plenty of time to practice along Manly Beach as Scott advised the best settings and approach to take photos. I recommend Scott’s training to anyone if you want to learn more about your camera or advance your knowledge of photography. I am looking forward to doing more lessons in the near future.  Thank you.  Christopher

Nov 17

Scott has been a fantastic mentor, and taught me how to make the most out of my camera. 

I would recommend him to anyone with an interest in photography.     Isaac

Nov 17

Game changer  -  I spent 2 hours with Scott and honestly it changed my entire approach to photography. He presents information in such a logical, systematical way that really made sense to me. I've gone from just taking pictures and hoping for the best to a simple but effective step by step approach that I think will improve my photos a lot! Thank you  Scott!    Hannah


Oct 17

I attended your Saturday workshop, and wanted to thank you for your consideration and patience. I typed up my scribbled notes and realised that there was a lot of learning crammed into that morning, especially for a newby who had not used any non automatic settings before.

I had tried to make sense of some of the myriad on-line tutorials, but found them confusing and rushed. Your patient explanation of how the settings worked, their relationships and effect were a breath of fresh air for me. I can now see that I need to practice your lessons until I am proficient, but I now have the confidence to do that.   Once again, thank you.  Glenn

Sep 17

I attended Scott's Vivid Workshop this June 2017 and I was blown away with the whole evening, so much in fact I booked a 3 hour private tuition with him while in Sydney!!

Whether you are a novice photographer like me, or a pro, there is much to be learnt with Scott's action packed, informative and fun workshops. Scott is a true professional, friendly and very knowledgeable and patient. He creates a fun environment, encourages you to learn and grow at your own pace, but at the same time he pushes the boundaries, shares his many tips and tricks to get the best out of your camera.

Scott had all of the Hot Spots pre organized before the evening so we didn’t waste anytime sussing out what was the best.

Sydney has so much on offer, and when time is limited it is wise to use Scott as you get to see some of the best scenery and get some amazing shots.

From the basic fundamentals of composition and lighting I also learnt a lot about portraiture, shooting moving objects, long exposure, and all those question marks of how to get a top image. 

If you want to really get to know how to use your camera, gain the confidence with learning some simple and amazing techniques, get the best out of your lenses and software and have a whole lot of fun. then you want to book one of Scott;'s workshops. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! -- Rowena Richards, Queenstown NZ

Aug 17

Scott's private lesson was beyond all expectations.  From the minute you're with him you know you're with an elite photographer who has a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as an inspiring and energising teacher.  Scott's ability to take complex technical theories and convert them to every day language that's easy to understand and simple to apply is a mark of a great teacher.  Highly recommend his one on one lesson because Scott was able to customise and tailor the lesson to my personal camera and current needs.  Scott - the lesson this week was invaluable and you're such an inspiration.  Can't wait to see you again to practice setting up a shoot!  Kylie

Aug 17

I can't rate this workshop high enough. Scott is excellent. A great teacher and communicator. Explains things simply and logically to ensure students get the best possible results. Very well organised. Scott knows his timings to ensure the group is in the right place at the right moment to get great photos. His instructional workshop over coffee bought the morning practical all together and has allowed me to go on practicing what I have learned. I will be doing other courses of Scott's as I progress. Brian

Jul 17

With such incredible passion and a great deal of experience in photography, Scott was an amazing teacher with a patient and direct nature. 

I would certainly recommend this course to all my friends who wanted to learn how to utilise their cameras to the max! 

Thank you Scott! See you at the Sunrise shoot!  Carmel

Jul 17

This course is excellant! Scott is a very patient, approchable and effective teacher. I came in never using manual settings on a DSLR and have taken pictures I had never imagined I could produce! And it has been great fun! Thanks Scott.  Rakhee

Jul 17

Great session - Scott was very patient and explained things clearly to our group. It was a detailed session and the tutor was very happy to share all of his knowledge (which is clearly considerable). Enjoyable and challenging morning, certainly worthwhile. Leah

Jun 17

Scott was friendly and informative and his experience with photography of all kinds reallt showed. As beginners it is easy to feel lost sometimes but there was no question you could not ask Scott, he was very helpful and we both enjoyed the experience greatly!  Kim

May 17

This course has lightened up my life! I enjoyed every Thursday night. I recommend it to everyone especially if you really want to learn and have fun too.  Erica

Apr 17

This is a really great introductory course to teach you how to shoot in manual. Scott was friendly, approachable and above all extremely knowledgeable. The content was taught really well and the course was a good mix of theory and practice.  Ruby

Mar 17

This was a great course. Scott was really good at identifying where we needed help and what we were doing wrong straight away. I learnt lots of simple tips that I can put into practice straight away, as well as some more detailed information that will help with developing my skills. Jessica

Mar 17

I received a gift voucher for a one on one course with Scott.  It was clear from his web site that he’s an amazing photographer and I enjoyed every minute of the three hour course.  It was very practical and not only did we cover a wide range of photography styles and conditions but Scott also tailored the course to cover the particular sort of shots I was interested in taking.    Scott has a great communication style and was able to answer all my questions (and there were lots of them) in great detail.  After having this camera for years it’s very exciting to be taking it off Auto!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Scott’s course and I can’t wait to do a follow up session to take my photography to the next level.  Deborah

Nov 16

As a complete beginner to manual mode shooting, I found  Scott’s tuition to be logical and easy to follow, while simultaneously being quite in-depth on technical skills and the theory behind photography settings.  Scott’s skills and professional reputation really shined through as he talked through how to adjust for different photography scenarios. A great two hours, am really looking forward to building on the foundation in my next class.   Chanelle

Nov 16

This is the second time I’ve been on one of Scott’s workshops. The first was a beginner series of classes and this one was the renowned 2hr private session – It lived up to expectations, we were so busy working on setting up photos and technical recaps the 2 hours flew by.

There was a lot going on and I realised how rusty I was still – lots of things were reinforced from the class sessions which was great, plus I’ve came away with some great landscape photos to boot – Thoroughly recommend. thanks again Scott.    Oliver


Nov 16

I loved the 3hr session. Apart from being a gorgeous day on Sydney Harbour it was the perfect mix of theory and practical. He was able to tailor the session to my experience and most importantly run it at my pace.

When you go for a session with Scott be sure and ask the questions you have always been too afraid to and bring a notepad – you won’t regret it!

Thank you Scott – I feel like it’s all finally clicked and I now have the confidence to go out and shoot!  Christine

Oct 16

2 hours with Scott has completely changed the way I approach photography. I've gone from being a man who is confused by the various dials and switches on my camera, to someone who understands the immense lengths it takes to take a perfect photo, and who is looking forward to improving as a photographer. Thank you for such an informative session Scott. It was an unforgettable experience.  Rory

Oct 16

Scott was fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about his work! Will definitely recommend and book again!  Natasha

Oct 16

Thanks for a great session this morning! Both practical and theoretical parts were very beneficial to me. 

I had a great time and will definitely join more sessions in the future!  Ilan

Sep 16

Had a fantastic 3 hour private tuition with Scott. Learnt so much using both my DSLR camera and old style film camera. Would definitely come back and do more sessions!    Raphy

Sep 16

Great course, learned so much in such a short period of time.  The instructor is completely knowledgeable and approachable, really focused on ensuring we are learning and getting the most out of the course.  Would gladly recommend to anyone.   Sharife

Aug 16

A fantastic introduction to digital photography. I was an absolute novice with a decent camera that was wasted on me. Scott is very enthusiastic in his teaching style & explains terms/concepts in an easy to understand way. Thanks Scott.  Kristie

Jun 16

The half day course offers an amazing amount of information. The best thing is that the information is put into immediate practice with the guidance and assistance of an absolute expert.

I have already booked into the Manly sunrise course and look forward to building on the skills that I learned at The Rocks.  David

May 16

Thanks for a great time. I found it to be very helpful and informative. Scott's expanation and guidance on technical issues was clear and easy to understand. I must commend Scott on his patience with us. I would recommend the experience to any keen photographer. Jill

May 16

I have been using an SLR since before DSLRs were invented! And Scott crammed so much into two hours, I may as well have not bothered with the last 30 years. Even down to how I should hold my camera (no, no, no, Wrong!). Scott provides a large amount of terrific info, so if you are at all interested in understanding what you need to do to take a "better" photo, do this course. There is a LOT to take in, but it's given to you in such a way that you can record it, slow down if you need to, and learn the proper fundamentals of great photography. Great job Scott. Mark

Mar 16

I loved the Sunrise course on Sunday! I already had a reasonable understanding of aperture, ISO and shutter speed, but Scott brought them all together for me really well. The light was amazing and I was taught us how to capture and work with it. Thank you.  Leigh

Feb 16

Thanks again for this morning. Ass mentioned, I found the theory part alone worth the price of admission. I'm looking forward to applying some of the techniques in other kinds of shots as well. There's still a lot for me to work on - composition, DOF, processing - but I feel like I got a lot out of the course. Always learning smiley  Gareth

Dec 15

I didn't think I was going to learn much as I had a strong theory background. I am delighted to say that I was completely wrong! Loved the course, learnt a huge amount and my photography has improved drastically as a result.   Clive

Dec 15

This is a great start to using your camera on manual and understanding the creative elements of photography. Anyone interested in taking creative photos will love this course. I want to thank Scott for making the course really enjoyable and interesting.  Jane

Nov 15

Scott is talented at conveying his breadth and depth of knowledge and years of experience to students from widely varying backgrounds. His enthusiasm and sense of making photography 'fun' is hugely motivating. Inspirational course!   Sue

Feb 15

Great instructor. The instructor quickly identified the level I was at and tailored the course to my needs. Learnt a lot of new tricks. My aim was to use my camera in manual mode and I am now much more confident to do so.  Jon

Jun 13

Scott was simply fantastic on the photography course. I was very fortunate to have a one-on-one session and he talked me through how to use the camera (It was my first time using a manual), and how best to take the actual photo. Scott is very friendly and patient. This experience comes highly recommended and it was such a nice way to start the day. Scott even spent time advising me on a start-up set for a beginner and which cameras to buy with a discount. One of the best mornings I have had in Australia!  Rebecca

Jan 10

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