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Photography Course Sydney: Intro

Photography Course Sydney: If you are still using your DSLR, Mirrorless or Compact camera on Auto, then this is the course for you!

This Introduction to Digital Photography course runs for 4 weeks. The course has been designed to give you a complete understanding of your camera, its functions and to provide you with the foundation principles of creative photography.

The course structure is light on theory and is very practice based. Your tutor Scott McGale believes in a teach-then-do philosophy which will have you using your camera every class and shooting in manual mode in no time.

You get 8 hours of professional tuiton during the 4 week period which is fantastic value for only $250!

Class sizes are kept small with a maximum of 10 people to ensure individual attention when needed by your professional photographer.

Introduction to Digital Photography workshop runs for 4 hands-on classes at Community Northern Beaches, formerly the Manly Community Centre, 12 Wentworth Street Manly - 2 hours per week from 7-9pm Thursday nights. This course incorporates both day and night time photography.

All you need to do this course is your camera and lens.

The following dates dates are for 2019.



What Will You Learn

In this 4 week course you will learn:

  • Camera care and handling
  • Manual Mode
  • Aperture Priority Mode
  • What is Depth of Field
  • Rules of Composition
  • White Balance
  • ISO and image quality
  • Direction of Light


Dates & Availablity

Dates Time Location Availability
8 Feb - 1 Mar Fri, 7 - 9pm Manly SPACES
14 Jun - 5 Jul Fri, 7 - 9pm Manly SPACES
6 Sep - 27 Sep Fri, 7 - 9pm Manly SPACES
15 Nov - 6 Dec Fri, 7 - 9pm Manly SPACES
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Quite often, experience overlooks and tramples ignorance especially when the window of opportunity is so small and the subject is so huge but I am glad Scott triumphantly overcomes that challenge with his overwhelming experience and humble personality to manage a group of novice beginners. His abiltiy to teach photography with an impeccable skill of getting in to only so much detail without creatiing any confusion is sheer brilliance. Scott balances theory and practicals effortlessly and that gives the students a sense of learning and accomplishment. I realy enjoyed my 4 weeks sesion, learnt a lot. I finished the course with heaps of confidence. Loved the conversations with Scott.       Somnath

Nov 18

To all and sundry budding and aspiring intersested persons in photography:

Do the course

Learn a bit

Get the bug

Practice more

Go for gold then do some more

I cannot recommend this course enough as a starting point to get your creative thoughts going. Do some more and reward yourselves with great beauty in your lives.  Jake

Mar 18

I was given this course as a gift from my son who lives in London. Chances are he chose the course becauseof its location in Manly, as I live on the northern beaches. As it turns out I would have traveled across Sydney to attend, it was that good!

Scott is a very experienced photographer and an excellent teacher. The lessons are fast paced and full attention is required to absorb the information being imparted, but the satisfaction of mastering the knowledge and technique is inspiring.

The 8 hours spread over 4 weeks is over before you know it and it was quite sad when it came to an end. However, this is the beginning of years of enjoyment in the wonderful world of photography.

Thanks Scott, it was great!     Geoff

Mar 18

A wealth of information to take in but I feel I am in a much better place to be able to start my new found hobby. Thank you for your patience.     Richard

Nov 17

I enjoyed the technical aspects of the course and am inspired to get out there and practice!   John

Nov 17

With such incredible passion and a great deal of experience in photography, Scott was an amazing teacher with a patient and direct nature. 

I would certainly recommend this course to all my friends who wanted to learn how to utilise their cameras to the max! 

Thank you Scott! See you at the Sunrise shoot!  Carmel

Jul 17

This course has lightened up my life! I enjoyed every Thursday night. I recommend it to everyone especially if you really want to learn and have fun too.  Erica

Apr 17

This course is excellant! Scott is a very patient, approchable and effective teacher. I came in never using manual settings on a DSLR and have taken pictures I had never imagined I could produce! And it has been great fun! Thanks Scott.  Rakhee

Jul 17

Great course, great teacher - good way to start out in Photography!  Emma

Jul 17

Scott has an extensive knowledge of Photogragphy and is keen ot share his enthusiasm with students.  Phillip

Dec 16

A great program for all levels of interest from beginners to those who want to polish their skills. It has resparked my passion for photography.   Danielle

Jun 16

I would recommend this course to all my friends. I have learned so much. Your energy was awesome!!   Matt

Jun 16

I started this course as an absolute novice and was nervous that I wouldn't cope. Scott was patient and very encouraging and now I feel like I am leaving with a really valuable knowledge and understanding of both my camera and photography in general.  Maryanne

Jun 16

Scott is a great coach who is very passionate about photography and the "light" because it is all about the light!! Thank you for providing practical tips and boosting my confidence behind the camera.  Alex

Jun 16

A fantastic introduction to digital photography. I was an absolute novice with a decent camera that was wasted on me. Scott is very enthusiastic in his teaching style & explains terms/concepts in an easy to understand way. Thanks Scott.  Kristie

Jun 16

Fab course to get the confidence to take the photos you want and to get the results you want!  Ria

Feb 16

This is a great start to using your camera on manual and understanding the creative elements of photography. Anyone interested in taking creative photos will love this course. I want to thank Scott for making the course really enjoyable and interesting.  Jane

Nov 15

I didn't think I was going to learn much as I had a strong theory background. I am delighted to say that I was completely wrong! Loved the course, learnt a huge amount and my photography has improved drastically as a result.   Clive

Dec 15

This was a thoroughly enjoyable course! Scott is a professional, extremely knowledgeable and a walking camera manual. He covered all the basic concepts in a fun, easy-to-understand way with - as the high point - the three-hour field trip in Sydney's The Rocks.  Mark

Nov 14

If you want to lift the lid on the mysteries of your DSLR and stop relying on automatic settings that never quite get the shot right, then this course is for you. It's excellent value (seven weeks AND a three-hour field trip) and you get to practice what you learn every week during the class. Scott is hugely experienced and very assured in his field, and you see almost instant outcomes and improvements from the first week. I felt liberated after the course and now look forward, with confidence, to picking up the camera and striving for the perfect shot. Five stars.  Jamie

Nov 14

Great introduction to photography with a good balance of theory and practice. Scott is easy-going yet keeps the pace up which was fun! I will definitely sign up to another course.  Juliet

Sep 14

The energy of the class was awesome! Relaxed but productive. I really liked how we got to practice straight after learning which really helped get it into my head.  Sara

Mar 14

Such a fantastic course and tutor to learn the basics of digital photography! Lots of fun, friendly learning environment. I definitely recommend it to all budding photographers out  there!  Catherine

Feb 14

This course met every one of my expectations, and more. There was a great balance between theory and practical which always made it interesting, and fun. Scott is a fabulous teacher and easy to listen to. Met some lovely people and had a wonderful time. Highly recommend.  Sara

Feb 14

I loved this course! I'm so inspired to keep taking photos and learn more!  Liz

Aug 13

I found Scott to be very informative. How he presented the class you never felt hurried and he was always checking we understood everything. I can now use my camera to it's full potential!  Chris

Aug 13

The course has been a massive learning curve! Can't wait to get more practice. My camera hasn't left my side since I started seven weeks ago. I am looking forward to experimenting more with my photography!  Alice

Aug 13

I came on this course because I wanted to change from a picture taken and use more than 10% of my DSLR. My confidence and ability in using my camera has increased exponentially! Thanks.  Simon

Jun 13

From automatic to maual in no time at all. Great teacher, great fun. I will never use automatic again.  John

Mar 13

Great course. I have learnt more in seven weeks than I have in one year of reading books on photography! Thank you!  Kerry

Mar 13

I now have the confidence to go out by myself to take photos using a large number of different techniques to get the shot that I want it to be.  Tracey

Mar 13

Great course. Friendly teacher with really fun and informative content. I'm now competent and confident to shoot in manual.  Matthew

Mar 13

If you want to learn about photography, have fun, do this course!  Chris

Mar 13

I would recommend this course to anyone of any level. Thanks for the additional support and being able to catpure much better pictures of my small children. Will save my husband a fortune! Very inspired to keep going!  Anna

Sep 12

I loved this course! Scott is a very easy-going, patient and fun teacher and makes sense of something I have been struggling with for a long time! Has inspired me to keep going! Thank you!  Tracy

Sep 12

Scott is a great teacher. He is very patient and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend him and his courses.  Sandra

Sep 12

Loved this course! So happy to have crossed the line from auto over to manual and being on first name terms with aperture and f stops. I will definitely be joining in on Scott's other courses in the future.  Carmel

Jun 12

Great course, gives you enough practical and theoretical experience to get you hooked. Gets you wondering if you could be the next Annie Liebowitz!  Anika

Mar 12

I love that I have been able to take control of the camera and learnt how much more creative I am capable of being once I learnt to shoot in manual.  Germaine

Mar 12

I loved the seven-week photography course! I have learnt so much and my images have greatly improved. The course is a good mix of theory and time taking photos and the field trip was a real highlight! I'd highly recommend the course to anyone starting out with an SLR for the first time. Scott is a great teacher and I hope to be joining another of his course soon.  Jo

Dec 11

A great and friendly enviroment to learn something that initially be quite complicated. Very thorough and easily understandable tuition. Interesting practicals for homework and fun practicals during course nights. The field trip component of the course was brilliant! Have already recommended the course to friends.  Heather

Dec 11

Would definitely recommend Scott's class to anyone. Beginners to advanced, the class has loads of practicals which help cement what you are learning.  Lou

Sep 11

Thanks for a great course. I am so happy theat I signed up for the course. You have given me a new lease on life with the skills I have gained. Great teacher with vast experience and knowledge. I would recommend this course to anyone.  Clint

Sep 11

MASSIVELY improved my knowledge, good pacing, social bunch. I liked the knowledge and experience of the tutor.  Jez

Jul 11

I came into the course with very little knowledge and understanding of how to take a photo in manual mode - now I do! I also met a bunch of keen photographers. Greta

Jul 11

Fantastic course that altogether I would highly recommend to anyone. You know nothing about your camera till you do this course!  Tony

Jul 11

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I came into the course wondering if I will ever veer from automatic and to my surprise, I now take photos with confidence on manual. Thank you for your patience in answering my 100 questions and teaching us to enjoy using our cameras, I definitely see my surroundings in a different light and get excited each time I take a photo now. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get to know their cameras, its easier than I thought!  Brigitte

Jun 11

For a digital photography 'basics' course we certainly covered a considerable amount of information. For the first time in my life I feel confident enough to change the 'automatic' mode to 'manual' and give it a try! Thanks Scott, it's been great.  Michelle

Jun 11

Excellent course! If you want to do a beginners' photography course that gets you straight into the action, this is the course for you! Cheers Scott.  Phil

Jun 11

This course teaches you much more than the technical skills needed to operate your SLR - it teaches you to see potential images and art everywhere you go!  Ben

Jun 11

This course is great if you are interested in knowing more about your SLR and the basics of photography!  Yolanda

Mar 10

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who owns a digital camera and wants to know how to get the most out of it. Scott runs the courses in a very informative but relaxed manner where you feel very at ease asking questions or asking him to go through something again until you fully understand. The mix between theory and practical is just right and the highlight for me was the field trip where the theory really came into practice and it all fell into place. I am very proud of the photos I took on the field trip and enjoy showing them off! Its great to finally understand how to get the most out of my camera and get some really great shots!   Suzanne

May 10