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Half Day Photography Course

Not much time to learn about digital photography but need to know some basics?

This short digital photography course has been designed for those who cannot commit to the 4 week Introduction to Digital Photography course but still want to know how to use their manual compact or DSLR.

With your camera in hand we will take you to a central location in Sydney and teach you about the different shooting modes in your camera. By the end of the course you will be shooting in full manual mode with confidence.

This is a fantastic course to get to grips with the foundation principles in creative Photography while taking in a lovely tour of the Rocks in Sydney.

All you need is your DSLR, Mirrorless camera to do the course!


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What Will You Learn

In this 4 hour course, you will learn:

  • Manual Mode
  • Aperture Priority Mode
  • Shutter Priority Mode
  • How to control Exposure
  • What is Depth of Field
  • How to control ISO for maximum image quality
  • 3 different Focussing techniques


Dates & Availablity

Dates Time Location Availability
18 Jul Sat, 8am till Midday The Rocks SPACES
8 Aug Sat, 8am till Midday The Rocks SPACES
19 Sep Sat, 8am till Midday The Rocks SPACES
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Reviews Post a Review

5 Star!  I got this photo workshop as a Christmas present. I have had my DSLR for about 5 years, always shooting in Auto and not really knowing what I was doing. I kind of knew the main functions of a DSLR but this photo workshop from Scott absolutely blew my mind!!! There is soo much info and cool stuff possible with even a base model camera.

Scott really brings out his passion for photography and teaching. First we went through the basics of a camera before he explained his model to get always a good picture (if following his steps). After explaining the basics we started practicing on real objects with his help in practice. The course went faster than any other course I've done at Uni, so interesting it was! I will practice with his lessons for now. I have had to move back to my home country, otherwise I would definitely have done more courses with Scott.  Definitely recommend!!   Jelle   Half Day course

Apr 20

5 Star!!  Great course! Scott is really knowledgeable - there is a lot of information to take in and Scott breaks it down into easy to understand pieces. I was clueless at the beginning but by the end, I felt confident to shoot a range of photos using all the functions of the camera. Thanks Scott ! Highly recommend this course!    Gemma   Half Day course

Mar 20

5 Star!!  Loved the half day course! Very informative and learnt a lot!! Scott was excellent at making sure each of us understood what was going on and taught us so much. Can't wait to do some more of his workshops in the future! Would highly recommend!!!  Amelia  Half Day course

Mar 20

5 Star! Fun and educational. Scott is an energetic instructor. The half day intro course provided a good balance between theory and practical application. I was impressed by the amount of content we covered. Looking forward to putting my new skills into practice.  Mary    Half Day course

Mar 20

5 Star!! Had an awesome morning learning  the camera basics. Scott was informative and his 7 step process was great. Now to put the knowledge he has provided into practice.   David  Half Day course

Mar 20

5 Star! Good communication from Scott, especially when the original course was canceled due to rain. Scott was very willing to share his experience, answer our questions and help us in any way he could.

It was a good balance of theory and practice on the settings, manual exposure and principles of photography.

Took some great shots of iconic Sydney and really good notes.   Julie  -  Half Day course

Feb 20

5 Star!!  My 12 year old son thoroughly enjoyed the Half Day photography course. Scott was an amazing teacher and taught my son important camera techniques. Scott was engaging and kept the course very interesting. We will definitely re-book another photography workshop with Scott. Kind regards   Beth.

Jan 20

4 Star.  This half day photograpghy course provided me, who barely knew anything about photography, with a whole world of new concepts. The teacher taught each student in the class according to their camera that they brought to help with their learning. The teacher, Scott was organised enough to provide the students with not only a map of where to meet but also a list of equipment which was useful on the day.   Cameron.

Dec 19

4 Star.  I enjoyed the course very much and would happily take part in another course. I learnt a lot about my camera and the different settings towards taking different shots.

I think this course, and other ones in the future, will help me develop a greater understanding of taking great/amazing photos. The course has deepened my knowledge and I would definitely recommend this course to others, especially if you're new to using a camera or like myself would like to know more about the use and functions of my camera abilities.    Jemima  Half Day course

Dec 19

5 Star!  Great course I learnt a lot. Lots of variety too. Thanks Scott      Adelina   Half Day course

Dec 19

5 Star!! This course is perfect for beginners! Scott taught us how to use our cameras properly and gave us easy to remember steps on how to get the perfect shot!

He also knew how to use all the different types of cameras. Looking forward to another course.   Shelby  Half Day course.

Sep 19

5 Star!!  I can highly recommend this as an excellent course for anyone wanting to learn or refresh the fundamentals of Photography. Scott is a highly knowledgeable and personable tutor. Great value for money.   Nigel       Half Day course

Sep 19

5 Star!!  Scott has brought together a comprehensive beginners course, jam packed with plenty of information and practice opportunities. Scott was professional, personable and organised. He provided more knowledge than I could have ever hoped for in a 4 hour session, and helped each person on the course to configure the photography steps according to each of their unique cameras. A true industry professional! I can't wait to see Scott next time for my private lesson. Thank you!      Charlotte   Half Day course.

Sep 19

I had a great learning experience walking around Circular Quay and the Rocks with Scott McGale as we learnt how to use the manual mode of a DSLR. Scott is extremely patient and is both passionate about his craft, and caring in the way he explains and engages with the crowd.  5 Star!!    Jeffrey

Jun 19

Scott is very knowledgeable & has a wide experience in Photography. The half day course is fantastic for getting you started using your camera on manual, aperture and shutter modes. The course has given me the confidence to take my photography to the next level.   Simon

Apr 19

Loved the course! It doesn't matter what type of camera your have, Scott shows you individually how to operate the selections on your camera. Doing the course was so much better than trying to read the camera manual. Scott was really helpful and I would thouroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about photography and how to use your cmaera.    Deborah

Apr 19

Very informative class and Scott explained everything in a clear and logical way. Will definitely take more classes from Scott in the future.  Matt

Mar 19

Great intro to photography.  Scott has tips and techniques you're not going to find in a textbook or Google because he customises your learning to your camera. 100% would recommend.    Stephanie

Mar 19

Thank you very much Scott! I learned a lot today. So much better than trying to learn online. Your information was very clear and easy to understand.     Yasuyo

Feb 19

Loved this course! Photographic courses for high end compact cameras are pretty rare. This course covered manual shooting for both DSLR and high end compacts. Scott's information was clear, concise, logical .... made so much more sense than reading about it in a book or doing an online course!

In addition, we had an opportunity to practice all this new leanring on our own cameras. Now we just need lots of practice to cement it all. Would love to do another of Scott's courses!  Thanks.    Renette

Feb 19

We had a lovely morning in Sydney's Rocks area learning how to use the Manual functions of our cameras. Scott's explanations were clear and with practice I intend to apply his methods of achieving better photos.   Jenny

Feb 19

This was a fantastic introduction to using my camera on manual mode. I came away actually understanding the process and basic techniques. A great starting point. Scott was an excellent teacher - very patient and could explain everything in ways that we could all understand. I will be coming back for more lessons as I improve! Highly recommend to any beginner.   Alex

Jan 19

The Half Day Photography course was brilliant!. I'm so glad to finally have some knowledge of photography and how to properly use my own camera. Scott is an amazing professional, and I really recommend this course to anyone interested in learning the first steps for good photography.    Renata

Oct 18

Great intro for a beginner like myself. Scott was friendly, personable, and very knowledgeable. It made the learning process much easier and not daunting or intimidating.   Nicholas

Aug 18

This is a really great introductory course to teach you how to shoot in manual. Scott was friendly, approachable and above all extremely knowledgeable. The content was taught really well and the course was a good mix of theory and practice.  Ruby

Jul 18

This was a great course. Scott was really good at identifying where we needed help and what we were doing wrong straight away. I learnt lots of simple tips that I can put into practice straight away, as well as some more detailed information that will help with developing my skills. Jessica

Jun 18

Great course, learned so much in such a short period of time.  The instructor is completely knowledgeable and approachable, really focused on ensuring we are learning and getting the most out of the course.  Would gladly recommend to anyone.   Sharife

Mar 18

The half day course offers an amazing amount of information. The best thing is that the information is put into immediate practice with the guidance and assistance of an absolute expert.

I have already booked into the Manly sunrise course and look forward to building on the skills that I learned at The Rocks.  David

Nov 17

I attended your Saturday workshop, and wanted to thank you for your consideration and patience. I typed up my scribbled notes and realised that there was a lot of learning crammed into that morning, especially for a newby who had not used any non automatic settings before.

I had tried to make sense of some of the myriad on-line tutorials, but found them confusing and rushed. Your patient explanation of how the settings worked, their relationships and effect were a breath of fresh air for me. I can now see that I need to practice your lessons until I am proficient, but I now have the confidence to do that.   Once again, thank you.  Glenn

Sep 17

Scott is a real professional, who knows how to teach and relate to amateurs.  I learnt so much and had fun. Well thought out and presented course. Thank you.  Neil

May 16

Thanks for a great time. I found it to be very helpful and informative. Scott's expanation and guidance on technical issues was clear and easy to understand. I must commend Scott on his patience with us. I would recommend the experience to any keen photographer. Jill

May 16

This was a thoroughly enjoyable course! Scott was professional and extremely knowledgeable, and conveyed the concepts in a really fun and easy-to-understand way. Am already taking better photos as a result!  Nick

Feb 16

The half-day photography workshop was fantastic! I was finally able to make sense of all the settings and buttons on my new camera, and now know enough to get me started shooting in manual. Highly recommended.  Lauren

Jan 16

Before I did Scott's workshop, I was a very keen 'auto' photographer who felt that all the technical functions of the camera were too hard. After a four-hour class, I now understand how my camera works and what an amazing difference to my photos!  Prue

Dec 15

I attended a Photo Workshop Australia course early February 2012, with two friends. I could only use my digital SLR camera in ‘auto’. At the end of our four-hour course, I was using ‘manual’ and understanding what I was doing.

Scott McGale, our teacher, was patient and understanding. He explained things in a way we could understand and was happy to repeat until we ‘got it’. So pleased we found this company and recommend them – you will not be disappointed.  Gwenyth

Nov 15

I knew nothing about shooting in manual but Scott changed that! He did a great job at explaining manual mode features and made sure we put it into practice in the session. He was super patient and friendly. We had a lot of fun and I would recommend his course to friends.   Cindy

Sep 15

Had a fabulous day, even in the wet … Learned a heap so now to put it into practice! Thanks for your time and patience, Scott. You are a great teacher!   Sonja

Aug 15

I just wanted to say thank you for Saturday! I learnt a lot and now I feel I can go and take greater photographs and start to explore more the creative side of my shots. I would also like to say I appreciated the way you explained things, it was easy to understand and therefore making it easy to put into practice. Thanks!   Daniel

Apr 15

Just wanted to say thank you for a great introductory photography course on Saturday at The Rocks. I will definitely recommend the course to my friends and family. I now understand how to use my DSLR in the manual mode and can more confidently use the camera to take some great shots!   Ashleigh

Feb 15

I really loved the course and Scott had the patience and time to give us the individual tuition when needed, to make sure we understood everything that was said. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to shoot in manual and take great photos!  Emily

Dec 14