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Review: Sunrise Photography Course at Manly

5 Star. A terrific way to start a Sydney morning. Scott showed us how to create a number of sunrise photos with a variety of setting and then a very cooperative group of locals enabled us to try to get some exciting photos as they braved the surf. Excellent morning where I learnt a great deal, now to practise and practise.   Geoff    Sunrise at Manly

Jul 20

This is a great course!  You are guaranteed to take great photos at beautiful Manly, and Scott made it a really enjoyable early morning sesion.

Highly recommend this course to anyone who enjoys photography. Thank you Scott.    Bernard.

Aug 18

Scott is a very clear teacher of relatively inexperienced photographers. The course was certainly worth getting out of bed for, and I got some great photos.    Doug

May 18

The workshop leader was very knowledgeable and made sure every attendee was infomred and involved. We were taken to 3 different locations under different lighting conditions that made the workshop challenging and full of interest. Highly recommend.    Meino

Feb 18

Was a spectatualr way to start a Sunday morning. Even though I was runing late our teacher Scott McGale was eager to catch me up on what I had missed and went out of his way for all the participants, in what was an informative and educational morning. Would recommend to anyone to give it a go.   Doug 

Feb 18

Scott is a very clear teacher of relatively inexperienced photographers. Well worth getting out of bed for and I thoroughly enjoyed the creative experience.    Roy

Jan 18

I can't rate this workshop high enough. Scott is excellent. A great teacher and communicator. Explains things simply and logically to ensure students get the best possible results. Very well organised. Scott knows his timings to ensure the group is in the right place at the right moment to get great photos. His instructional workshop over coffee bought the morning practical all together and has allowed me to go on practicing what I have learned. I will be doing other courses of Scott's as I progress. Brian

Jul 17

Scott was very knowledge about photography and very helpful he knew everything and was quite the character. Onisemus

Jun 17

Scott was friendly and informative and his experience with photography of all kinds reallt showed. As beginners it is easy to feel lost sometimes but there was no question you could not ask Scott, he was very helpful and we both enjoyed the experience greatly!  Kim

May 17

Thanks for a great session this morning! Both practical and theoretical parts were very beneficial to me. 

I had a great time and will definitely join more sessions in the future!  Ilan

Sep 16

This is just to say thank you for Sundays sunrise shoot at Manly. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and you were right, I did learn a lot. My pictures were lovely, and the short theory lesson tied everything in really well!   Tim

Apr 16

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed last Sunday Morning. In all aspects it was a great morning.The level of knowledge and the presentation where first class and it will certainly help me in my photographic endeavours.    Ron

Apr 16

I loved the Sunrise course on Sunday! I already had a reasonable understanding of aperture, ISO and shutter speed, but Scott brought them all together for me really well. The light was amazing and I was taught us how to capture and work with it. Thank you.  Leigh

Feb 16

Thanks again for this morning. Ass mentioned, I found the theory part alone worth the price of admission. I'm looking forward to applying some of the techniques in other kinds of shots as well. There's still a lot for me to work on - composition, DOF, processing - but I feel like I got a lot out of the course. Always learning smiley  Gareth

Dec 15

Scott is talented at conveying his breadth and depth of knowledge and years of experience to students from widely varying backgrounds. His enthusiasm and sense of making photography 'fun' is hugely motivating. Inspirational course!   Sue

Feb 15

There are no negative points for this review. The course delivered everything it outlined that it would and Scott, who lead the training, was very accommodating and hospitable (especially at 5:00 am when I hadn't had my coffee and was sleep deprived!) Having a small group of 6-7 was very beneficial, I would, however, probably take my tripod next time knowing that it was a lot more necessary then identified in the outline.  Jamil

Jan 15

Just wanted to say thanks for the great course Sunday morning. Jake and I really enjoyed it, and I know we both got a lot out of it, especially Jake who spends plenty of sunrises taking photos of his mates surfing! Really great lesson, appreciate it!  Taylor

May 14

Scott, the photography teacher, was very knowledgeable and explained everything very well. It ran for a good three hours and I have learned a lot about apperature, shutter time, depth of field, focus points and and ISO. I will never use my automatic settings on my camera again.  Timmo

Nov 13

I would highly recommend this to any keen photographer at any level.  Lynda

Oct 13

I went with my two best friends and had a fabulous time. I would definitely recommend it as a gift or just a course to do! Make sure you take a tripod as I didn't and missed out on a lot of the early morning photos due to movement. 5/5 for quality, value, service and staff.  Clancey

Dec 12

This was a great course, with great group of people also doing the course. Perfect location!   Rhiannon

Jul 12

A fantastic experience. The provider was very experienced and a great source of knowledge. He made the morning a truly enjoyable experience and I have some beautiful photos to help me treasure my memories from the day.  Leah

Apr 12

Many thanks for the sunrise workshop this morning ... beaut weather, lovely people, great teacher!  Cathy

Apr 12

Scott was simply fantastic on the photography course! I was very fortunate to have a one on one and he talked me through how to use the camera (it was my first time using manual), and how best to take the actual photo. Scott is very friendly and patient. This course comes highly recommended and it was such a nice way to start the day! Scott even spent time advising me on a start-up set-up and which cameras to buy with a discount. One of the best mornings I have had in Australia!  Amy

Oct 11