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Review: Smartphone Photography and Storeytelling

5 Star. The course was great! I learnt fundamentals that have transformed my photography efforts .... I wish I'd known these key steps earlier. Great course.  Thanks heaps Scott.    Carlos   Smartphone photography

Mar 20

5 Star! Scott deliverd a fantastic two hour workshop on smart phone photography to teens at Northern Beaches Library Services. Would highly recommend his services.   Megan    Corporate Photography Services private lesson

Mar 20

5 Star!!  Fabulous! Although our class was officially cancelled due to the weather, Scott kindly braved the rain and went out of his way to accomodate us, as we were only in Sydney for the weekend.

Although Scott is obviously a serious pro photographer, he was able to patiently talk us low-tech baby boomers through the basics and we picked up a heap of tricks in the session. He tailored our experience to help us improve photography needed for our business. Therefore, not only was it an entertaining morining, but a very worthwhile investment. We highly recommend this class.   Catherine and David - Smartphone photo

Feb 20

Learned a lot in a very short time to improve your photos. Scott is a great experienced teacher and Bondi is a terrific backdrop.  Ann       Smartphone and Storeytelling

Oct 19

5 Star.  Excellent. Wonderful learning experience.    Margaret  Smartphone course

Aug 19

5 Star!!  Really great experience. Small group so it was really hands on and personal. Learnt so much. Look forward to taking more classes.    Jazmin  Smartphone course

Aug 19

Thoroughly enjoyed the Smartphone course run by Scott at Bondi Beach. He demonstrated & explained things very simply, making it very easy to understand. Highly recommend the course.    Marilyn

Apr 19

Amazing insights and tips I did not know. My phone pictures have instantly jumped to the next level. Thank you.   Karen.

Dec 18