• Vivid Sydney 2022


    It’s on!!  Vivid 2022.  Learn amazing night photography techniques from a professional photographer in your 3 hour guided course. And take home images to be proud of.  100% money back guarantee if COVID forces a cancellation. Small class sizes. Lots of personal attention! Amazing photos to take home. Creative Kids vouchers accepted.

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  • Photography Private Tuition Sydney

    Private Photography Tuition

    $120.00 / hour

    This is the very best way to learn. You decide the content and the pace of the session, and get the chance to ask questions about any aspect of photography. One-on-one face time with Scott McGale, expert professional photographer, who teaches his own bespoke step methods to take control of your image, camera and get completely creative, or take your photography to the next level. These methods can’t be found on Google,  are amazing and never fail. Scott has 20 years experience and can teach from beginner to professional level techniques. Creative Kids vouchers can be used for private tuition too.

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  • sunrise photography course sydney

    Sunrise Photography Course at Manly


    While this is a beginner’s photography course it is well suited to advanced photographers too. Working with the stunning early morning first light you will learn to push the boundaries of creative photography. Scott will teach you long exposure seascapes and commando portraiture in this fast moving 2 hour course.

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  • online photography course australia

    Remote Learning Live Session


    This is a bespoke 1-2-1 one or two hour live session. Great for Smartphones, and Manual Cameras, and can be taught live in any area of the country. Brilliant for remote areas. Through Zoom you get face time with a professional photographer to guide you and answer all your questions. Note. This is not a pre-recorded video but a live one-to-one lesson.

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  • introductin to photograpghy manly

    Photography Course Sydney: Intro


    This comprehensive Introduction to Digital Photography course runs for 5 weeks. The course has been designed to give you a complete understanding of your camera, its functions and to provide you with the foundation principles of creative photography. Manual mode is the main focus of this course and you will learn how to plan and create the images you desire. Group size is max 8 so you can enjoy personal attention when you need it.

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  • smartphone iphone photography sydney

    Smartphone Photography & Storytelling


    Learn smartphone photography and storytelling in this CBD 2.5 hour course to create fantastic images, videos and stories directly on your mobile phone. Then learn how to upload direct to social media in minutes.

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  • 4 hour photography course sydney

    Half Day Photography Course


    This 4 hour digital photography course has been designed for those who cannot commit to an ongoing program in a Digital Photography course but still want to know how to use their manual compact, Mirrorless or DSLR. This course guides you through Manual, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes in a fun tour through the Rocks in Sydney.

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  • Kids Photography


    Book now for the School Holiday program. Bespoke 1-2-1 lessons for free using a Creative Kids voucher. Photography is a fantastic activity that encourages your kids to be creative and self motivated. Simple and effective methods for Cameras and Smartphones taught by an expert in teaching and photography.

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  • lightroom photoshop lesson sydney

    Learn Lightroom & Photoshop Essentials

    $120.00 / hour

    Shooting a picture is only phase one of image creation while post production through Lightroom and Photoshop is phase two. This session will enable you to post produce your images to professional standard. Easy to understand step methods are taught to plan and take control of your image.

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