Remote Learning Live Session

Elise 15yrs

29 December 2020

My 15-year-old daughter used her Creative Kids Voucher to do a remote live learning 1-2-1 photo workshop with Scott earlier this year (2020), using our home laptop to do the session via Zoom and her Oppo smartphone to take the photos. Scott taught her how to use her fairly basic phone to its full extent and talked her through using free software to process the images in camera. He was […]

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Sanjith 14 yrs

22 December 2020

Really nice how Scott explained the app. He showed me things that I didn’t know what it does to the photo. After the 1hr session I know how to enhance my photos now with the app.

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Ella 13yrs

12 December 2020

My lesson with Scott was so informative and fun. Scott taught me all the basics of how to use my new camera and how to shoot in manual mode. He made it very easy with step by step instructions and kept it simple and easy to understand. I highly recommend Scott to anyone wanting to learn anything about photography! He was a wonderful teacher.

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Mollie 15yrs

8 November 2020

Amazing explanation of the different techniques, it taught me a lot of new things which I appreciate very much. Thank you Scott, and would definitely recommend to a friend!

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25 September 2020

I am in the early stages of learning photography and had a great remote session with Scott. Scott carefully took me through all of the basic principles and functions and I can already see improvement! Would highly recommend.

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25 May 2020

I want to say thank you very much for the lesson. There was so much I didn’t know beforehand. It was very clear about the steps and straight forward.

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25 May 2020

Thank you Scott. I learnt how to take photos properly and how to edit them. I am now having lots of fun editing all my photos.

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24 April 2020

Highly recommend. Both girls enjoyed participating. Great value.

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30 August 2020

The best thing for me about doing a remote session with Scott is that I could choose the time! Really convenient being able to learn when I want and not to a schedule. And Scott is great at making sense of the functions and teaching easy to understand step methods. Highly recommend.

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