Private Photography Tuition

I have recently completed a three hour private lesson with Photo Workshop Australia which has given me enormous confidence around using my camera in the manual mode. Prior to this I had only ever shot using the automatic function.

The lesson had a balance of theory and practical, with the opportunity to write notes on the key points. Scott gave me the key processes in easy to understand steps. The one on one lesson enabled him to tailor specifically to my needs, and we could work through any points that I needed a little extra help in understanding. I would highly recommend the private lesson as it is effective for personal learning and paced to suit you (rather than the group). We had the opportunity to shoot outside, inside and in different lighting situations. Working with aperture and shutter control, I also practiced with different lights and fast moving targets.

I now have the tools to take my photographer to the next level.

Scott was very responsive when I booked online and provided clear instructions around our lesson. Our city-based lesson provided a variety of interest for the photography which enabled me to practice each aspect.

Scott is professional, knowledgable and a highly skilled photographer. Highly recommended.

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