Private Photography Tuition

My “Private Photography Tuition” session with Scott was informative, instructive and most importantly, enjoyable.
I have travelled to some amazing places in the world but unfortunately most of the photos I have taken along the way have been sadly lacking.
Some have been downright disappointing and I have had to delete them in disgust.
I have only ever used the “Auto” setting because I just didn’t understand any of the other modes and settings.
To say that I really didn’t know what I was doing is an understatement.
I’m happy to say all that has changed after spending 3 hours on Sydney’s foreshore on a gloriously sunny day learning how to take photos in Manual Mode.
It’s like a whole new world has opened up for me, one which I’m only beginning to understand (thanks to Scott) and one in which I’m the one that tells the camera what to do to take amazing and creative photos.
Obviously I have a long way to go but at least now the all-powerful triumvirate of aperture, shutter speed and ISO have been demystified.
Thank you Scott!

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