Half Day Photography Course


20 September 2020

Great 4 hour course for little or no understanding of how to use the manual option on DSLR camera, Scott is very patient and takes as through steps methodically that are easy to understand, would recommend this course as an excellent starting point for photographers that want to learn how to take photos off the auto button

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20 September 2020

I attended the half day course today with Scott. He was absolutely fantastic. I learnt more than I was expecting and have a new found appreciation for photography. Everything was explained simple and easy to understand and all questions answered with additional information. He was very patient. I can’t wait to do my next course. Highly recommend. Thanks for all the tips Scott.

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11 September 2017

I attended your Saturday workshop, and wanted to thank you for your consideration and patience. I typed up my scribbled notes and realised that there was a lot of learning crammed into that morning, especially for a newby who had not used any non automatic settings before. I had tried to make sense of some of the myriad on-line tutorials, but found them confusing and rushed. Your patient explanation of […]

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19 December 2015

Before I did Scott’s workshop, I was a very keen ‘auto’ photographer who felt that all the technical functions of the camera were too hard. After a four-hour class, I now understand how my camera works and what an amazing difference to my photos!

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20 November 2017

The half day course offers an amazing amount of information. The best thing is that the information is put into immediate practice with the guidance and assistance of an absolute expert. I have already booked into the Manly sunrise course and look forward to building on the skills that I learned at The Rocks.

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11 September 2019

Scott has brought together a comprehensive beginners course, jam packed with plenty of information and practice opportunities. Scott was professional, personable and organised. He provided more knowledge than I could have ever hoped for in a 4 hour session, and helped each person on the course to configure the photography steps according to each of their unique cameras. A true industry professional! I can’t wait to see Scott next time […]

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23 December 2019

I enjoyed the course very much and would happily take part in another course. I learnt a lot about my camera and the different settings towards taking different shots. I think this course, and other ones in the future, will help me develop a greater understanding of taking great/amazing photos. The course has deepened my knowledge and I would definitely recommend this course to others, especially if you’re new to […]

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21 December 2019

This half day photography course provided me, who barely knew anything about photography, with a whole world of new concepts. The teacher taught each student in the class according to their camera that they brought to help with their learning. The teacher, Scott was organised enough to provide the students with not only a map of where to meet but also a list of equipment which was useful on the […]

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11 January 2020

My 12 year old son thoroughly enjoyed the Half Day photography course. Scott was an amazing teacher and taught my son important camera techniques. Scott was engaging and kept the course very interesting. We will definitely re-book another photography workshop with Scott.

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25 March 2020

Loved the half day course! Very informative and learnt a lot!! Scott was excellent at making sure each of us understood what was going on and taught us so much. Can’t wait to do some more of his workshops in the future! Would highly recommend!!!

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